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At a Glance

We are IT enthusiasts committed to helping businesses and students utilize technology for efficient operations, innovation, and enhanced customer and educational experiences.


Technology is integrated into almost every aspect of our lives now. Companies leverage technology to boost their business and so the demand of IT professionals is high with decent pay. We want to contribute to the society with our job experience and create skilled IT workforce along with providing managed services to businesses.

Share Experiences

Sharing our knowledge and experiences has been our primary motive in starting G7 IT Solutions.

Build skilled IT workforce

Through our exceptional training program, we empower people build IT skills.


G7 IT Solutions is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations through superior IT training and education. Our mission is to provide innovative, accessible, and high-quality training solutions that enable learners to acquire practical skills and knowledge, fostering both personal and professional growth in the dynamic world of information technology


Our vision is to become a leading force in IT education globally, recognized for transforming the IT landscape by nurturing skilled professionals. We aspire to create a world where quality IT education is the cornerstone of technological advancement and innovation, bridging gaps between technology and its users, and driving sustainable growth in the digital era.


  • Develop Comprehensive IT Training Programs
  • Establish Strong Industry and Educational Partnerships
  • Expand into Managed IT Services

Our Team

Kalyan Shrestha

CEO, Founder

Laba Shrestha

CFO, Co-Founder

Bharat Bogati

Chief Secretary, Co-founder

Amar Upreti

Director, Co-Founder

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