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Check your system information

by g7 Administrator,
updated on 3 January 2024

Knowing your computer system is important which helps you in using it more effectively. In this article, we are going to know the different ways to check our Computer system information.

1. Using System information tool

  1. On the search bar of your desktop, type system information.
  2. Click on the System information application.
  3. Under System Summary, navigate through information such as:
    1. Operating System
    2. System name
    3. Processor/CPU
    4. User Name
    5. Memory

                and so on.

2. Using Command Prompt

  1. On the search bar of your desktop, type command prompt.
  2. Type systeminfo and press Enter key.
  3. Navigate through information such as:
    1. Hostname
    2. Operating System
    3. Original Install Date
    4. System Boot Time
    5. Processor/CPU
    6. User Name
    7. Memory
                and so on.

There are numerous other ways to know these information about your PC. However, we included some of them in this article. Now, you know about the type of Operating system your computer has, the amount of Memory, and all other information about your system.